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Arthritis is a disease affecting the musculoskeletal system of human body and causing inflammation of joints. It affects mainly elderly people. Arthritis patients primarily complain of pain at the joints. Joints are actually the meeting point of two bones. At the joint one bone moves on another. The elastic ligaments hold the bones in place, while muscle contraction or relaxation makes the joint move.

Cartilages are like cushions covering the bone surface. They prevent friction between bones and allow the joint to move in a flexible way. The joint is surrounded by a capsule and the joint cavity or space within joint is filled with synovial fluid that provides nourishment to the joints. When something goes wrong at the joint, inflammation occurs. The root cause of inflammation often lies in the wearing away of cartilage or drying up of synovial fluid or any kind of infection at the joints leading to septic joint.

Age is a major factor promoting arthritis. With age, the cartilages become weak and incapable of repairing themselves after daily wear and tear. Obesity is another major factor that leads to arthritis. As body weight increases, the joints are forced to support more weight than they are capable of bearing. The excessive pressure on joints due to over weight erodes the bone surfaces leading to painful joints.

Arthritis is also said to run in the family, and is triggered by calcium deficiencies. The symptoms of arthritis include persistent pain at the joint or joints, stiffness of joint, swelling, redness of skin at the joint, breathing difficulty, constipation, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and even fever.

Herbal Treatment for Arthritis Joint Pain

Rumatone Gold CapsulesRumatone Gold Capsules support your joints, improve recovery and help soothe and ease stiff and swollen joints naturally. It contains powerful herbal ingredients that are well known for their anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Rumatone Gold Capsules is specially designed to fight joint discomfort and support the joint regeneration process. It nourishes the joint cartilage to boost recovery and ease inflammation. Rumatone Gold Capsule also improves blood flow to the joints and increase strength and flexibility in your joints.

Benefits of Rumatone Gold Capsule

* Provide nutrition to lubricate your joints

* Improve the range of motion and flexibility of joints

* Ease the discomfort from worn out joints

* Nourish joint cartilage and boost recovery after injury

For faster relief use Rumatone Gold Capsules along with the massage of the affected area with Rumatone Gold Oil.

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