Best Dietary Supplement to Improve Memory and Brain Power




People suffering from poor brain power or memory can take some dietary supplements to improve brain power naturally. Although, a number of factory manufactured capsules are available in stores which claim to improve brain power but these capsules can have certain undesirable effects on the body and it may bring in a permanent change in the structure of brain which can be harmful to the brain. Here comes the need of best dietary supplement to improve memory and brain power.

Improve Memory and Brain PowerYou need certain mineral and vitamins every day in diet to get energy to carry out the daily work and certain vitamins helps in improving memory. These minerals help in building new tissues, new blood cells, rejuvenating body and improving the functioning of brain. These memory enhancing supplements help in reducing stress and depression which can be caused due to improper functioning of digestive system, heart or due to some medical condition. People suffering from medical problem such as diabetes suffer from poor memory and similar problem is seen in people who have hypertension or heart problems.

Some of the vitamins and minerals which are required for improving brain power are:

1. You need to take minerals which helps in reducing the symptoms of hypertension and depression to improve brain power. It has been proved in laboratory that stress can reduce brain power. People who remain stressed through the day may suffer from poor memory because when you are stressed the body releases certain hormones which can kill brain cells reducing the brain power. You need food which reduces the symptoms of stress and depression, and it has been found that Vitamin C is effective in reducing depression.

2. To improve brain power you should take adequate minerals and vitamin to prevent deficiency. If you are suffering from iron deficiency, the body will not be able to make red blood cells and it can cause anemia. A reduced formation of red blood cells in body can reduce brain power. You need food rich in iron such as green vegetables, fruits and red meat to manage the red blood count in body.

3. You need adequate amount of fiber in diet to prevent problems of digestive system. For any of the problems of digestive system, constipation or diarrhea, you need food rich in fiber. It helps in improving absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract which helps the body to get nutrition.

4. You require fatty acids (which is mostly found in fresh water fish) to reduce cholesterol formation in the body. Cholesterols are deposited on the inner walls of blood vessels and these deposits form hard plaques which restricts flow of blood. A reduced flow of blood to brain can make the nervous tissues to shrink causing a reduced memory and poor brain functioning. One should take food rich in fatty acid and avoid food which increases cholesterol formations in body.

To get a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals and to improve brain function, you can take Brain O Brain capsules which contain plant based ingredients which are effective in improving blood formation and increasing blood flow to the brain tissues. Brain O Brain capsule is the best dietary supplement to improve memory and brain power and to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and mental fatigue.

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