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Hello Sir my name is Kumar and about 5 months ago I started feeling headaches, dizziness, extremely weak and tired along with itchy eyes and generally unwell feeling and also a like saw blisters feeling in my throat. I let it go for a month or so thinking it may be just something that will go away on its own. But the symptoms were still running in to the second month. By now I had also seen little small black dots on the soles of my feet which at this point I went to a STD clinic and all my tests came back negative. I then went my GP and he did all the general blood tests such as liver, thyroid, immune, cholesterol, etc but they all came back normal except my cholesterol was slightly high and my vitamin d was low and my thyroid was borderline so I was given a course of vitamin d 20000 units or something like that for three days or so to top me up and was advised to repeat the dose in six months time.

As for the black spots on my feet it was explained as a pigmentation of the skin. Since the vitamin tablets I felt pretty good for a couple of days and there after the same. it is now running into the fourth month and still feeling the same symptoms except I now starting to feel a slight discomfort as a slight burning sensation in my penis and when urinate also a yellowish color urine and bad smell and a white foam in toilet when urinate. Even after ejaculation I am feeling a burning sensation and a pain in my male organ which is causing discomfort.

I have had a urine test and repeat blood tests at doctors which all came back normal. I have a stomach acid problem and have been treated for h.pylori in the past. I have had another test for h.pylori by stool test. I have quite serious itch and pain like piles occasionally which also start burning and pain between my anus and testicles and also burning in my male organ. Tests at my doctors and std clinic have all come back ok so why am I feeling these symptoms still and what do you suggest I do now as I am feeling always like this along with a feverish too. It is been about six months now and I am extremely tired and worried. Please can you help me sir?

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Hello Kumar

Sometimes due to sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activities and exercises, and poor diet, weakness and other symptoms as you have mentioned occurs. Firstly we suggest you to eat healthy foods, green vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and specially fiber rich foods. Increase your daily water intake. Make a habit of daily morning walk or evening walk and do regular exercises to keep your blood circulation proper. This will also help in maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Increased physical activities will help your body to remove toxins out of your body and will improve your overall health.

Sometimes even after eating healthy and nutritional diet, our body get deficient of vital nutrients. This is due to poor digestion and poor absorption of foods in our body. We suggest you to take a regular course of Revival capsules and Arozyme capsules to improve your digestive system, and eliminate weakness and fatigue from your body. Revival capsules will help you to increase energy levels, stamina and power and will also strengthen your immune system to fight against any illness. Arozyme capsule will not only improve your digestion but it will also help you in curing your stomach acid problem.

Take these herbal supplements for minimum 3 to 4 months for good result. Take one capsule of Arozyme and two capsules of Revival twice daily with water. These supplements are pure natural products and are free from any side effects.

You can read more about Revival capsules at http://www.naturalhealth-supplements.com/immunity-supplement.htm

You can read more about Arozyme capsules at http://www.naturalhealth-supplements.com/improve-digestion.htm

Feel free to ask further queries.

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