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I am producing yellow sperm and I have researched that it should be white. Is there any problem with me that I am producing yellow sperm?

Do you have any herbal remedies that can help me to produce white sperm or do I need to go and see a doctor? Can you tell me what I can do?

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Hello Pat Dawson

The cause of yellow sperm is uncertain but it is believed that it can be caused due to infection, or foods rich in sulfur such as onion and garlic. Another possible cause could be the natural thickening of semen; especially if you have not ejaculated for quite some time. If you take multivitamins, this may be a cause of yellow sperms. Stopping the vitamin supplement may help in this situation.

You can cure yellow sperm problem by following some simple natural remedies.

Increase your daily water intake. Include more fruit juices and keep yourself hydrated. Eat healthy nutritional foods. Eating unhealthy foods containing white carbs and wrong kind of fats and neglecting to eat healthy foods is a common cause of low sperm quality. To improve your sperm quality, you need to cut out junk food, eliminate white carbs and low value snacks. Include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts in your diet.

Smoking and drinking can affect your semen quality because your body will be struggling to expel the toxins out of the body. Cut out smoking and drinking alcohol as when you drink or smoke often, your body starts to struggle to expel the numerous toxins that are not being expelled from your body fast enough.

Low quality yellow sperms can also be due to fluctuating levels of testosterone in your body. Low testosterone is often the cause of poor quality sperm and low sperm count. To get the good quality sperms, you need natural testosterone boosting supplements such as Musli Strong and Shilajit ES capsules. Together these herbal supplements work effectively in not only improving the sperm quality but also in increasing sperm count and semen production.

Follow the course of Musli Strong and Shilajit ES capsules for 3 to 4 months to get optimum results. Take one capsule of each twice daily with milk or plain water.

You can read more about Musli Strong capsules at http://www.naturalhealth-supplements.com/safed-musli.htm

You can read more about Shilajit ES capsules at http://www.naturalhealth-supplements.com/shilajit.htm

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