Herbal Remedies to Recover from Over Masturbation Weakness




Over masturbation can result in a number of severe consequences. The person may have overly developed parasympathetic nerve which can result in over production of certain hormones and it can have a negative effect on the body and health of the person. The excess release of certain hormones can result in release of neurotransmitters and hormones, which release certain chemicals (such as dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine). The excess release of these hormones can cause excess conversion of dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine, and the excess formation of these chemicals can affect the body’s functioning. The person becomes sleepy and feels weak.

If a person is feeling happy and energetic after masturbation, then the process is non-damaging and it is normal for the body but if the person feels sleepy and weak, he should discontinue it. Over masturbation weakness can largely affect one’s sexual life and hinders his ability to perform lovemaking activities.

NF Cure CapsuleHow will you decide how much is over? It basically depends on age and other factors. A teenager should not go for it many times in a day because the organ is still not developed fully but the person who is more than 40 years in age can handle good pressure on it and it is not very dangerous for him. According to experts, two to three times in a week is allowed but more than that it can be excess. One should try to avoid getting addicted to it. You should not try each time to release energy through it, instead, you can do other things such as exercising or involve in a sports to feel good.

When a person is masturbating, the body temperature rises and the person may feel hot or sweaty after the process. Many people feel confused and drained. Some may feel problems in memorizing things and concentration can be very weak. If a person suffers from such symptoms after masturbating, he should regulate the habit.

Some of the adverse effects of excessive hand practice are: The person feels tired all the time in day and he may suffer from lower back pain and have excess hair fall. The person may even suffer from poor blood circulation which can cause eye flickering and vision problem. There are other negative effects of the condition as the persons may not be able to get full erection and he does not enjoy the normal method of lovemaking.

One can try to get rid of over masturbation weakness by taking certain natural remedies. Herbal remedies contain plant products which can increase the level of regulating hormones in human body. The dead tissues of the reproductive organs are rejuvenated by the products and it energizes the body to enable normal method of lovemaking.

The herbal massage oil ‘Mast Mood oil‘ can be used to gently massage on the skin of the organ to provide energy to it and it helps the person to get more satisfaction in a relationship. Herbal supplements like NF Cure capsule and Shilajit help in controlling semen leakage and increasing the sperm count. These supplements are made of ayurvedic herb having aphrodisiac properties and it has been in use for increasing vigor in men.

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