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If you constantly feel stiffness and pain in the joints during night, you may be progressing towards a medical condition called arthritis. Arthritis is the condition which is caused due to joint disorders and in the problem people may form joint disorders in one or more joints in hands or legs. Sometimes, the problem is also caused due to aging. There are many forms of arthritis – septic arthritis is caused due to infections to joints, other forms of arthritis are caused due to trauma to joints, while, rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic condition which starts when the organ or the tissue is damaged.

About 1% of the population across the world suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and in US the condition is found in one person in every 5 people. The problem is 3 times more common in women, than in men and the onset of disease can be seen in people in age group between 40 to 50 years.

Arthritis Herbal TreatmentThe problem of arthritis is not a single condition, and therefore, it is very important that people suffering from the problem should be aware of all the related care and treatment for stiff joints. Conventional treatment for still joints is commonly known but even the conventional method of treatment for still joint includes the process of physical therapy, occupations and nutritional therapy.

People who are obese should immediately try to lose weight to prevent condition from deteriorating and include the foods in diet which contains the components required for the treatment for stiff joints.

To get treatment for stiff joints and to reduce inflammation you need to include omega-3 fatty acids in diet. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and it provides effective treatment for stiff joints. You should include it twice in week in diet to get effective treatment for still joints and it also helps in reducing inflammation by reducing the production of enzymes that erode cartilage.

Include food which contains antioxidants such as – vitamin C, carotenes, bioflavonoid and selenium for the treatment for stiff joints. These antioxidants help to protect the body from free radicals to get treatment for stiff joints. Free radicals are molecules which are produced against the toxins present in the body.

To get treatment for arthritis and stiff joints eliminate a few types of foods such as – Saturated fats, Trans-fats and refined carbohydrate. Saturated fats are found in animal products such as pork, beef, poultry skin, butter, ice cream, milk, cheese etc. It is also found in palm oil and coconut oil. Trans fat are found in many different types of vegetable oils and it is as bad as saturated fats while refined flour, bread contain refined carbohydrate which increases cytokines and inflammatory compounds in body.

You can take herbal remedy Rumatone Gold capsule and oil to get treatment for stiff joints. The capsule helps to reduce arthritis pain and increase flexibility, and promotes a range of motion in the body. The herbal remedy comes with Rumatone Gold oil to massage on the joints and it provides easy treatment for stiff joints.

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