How Can I Lose My Actual Weight and Water Weight Fast?




Water retention is a medical problem found in many individuals and it can sometimes be the main cause for weight gain. Water retention is also known as fluid retention and it happens when an abnormal level of water is present in the circulatory system and within the cavities of the body. Water can be found inside the cells of the body or it can be outside the body cells, or water joins the blood cells to aid the movement of oxygen around the body.

Sometimes, the excess water in the body is taken up by bones, glands or muscles. The hormone prostaglandins helps to manage water retention level in human body but sometimes use of certain medications or some medical condition can result in water retention and cause swelling in body parts. Sometimes protein leaks to capillaries and it results in accumulation of water.

To lose actual weight you need to lose both water weight and actual weight of your body. There are many remedies which you can take to lose actual weight and water weight fast.

1. Reduce intake of salt to lose water weight fast – as salt helps in water retention. Take limited amount of salt in diet and take alternative spices instead of taking salt.

2. Take food which contains no preservatives or chemicals to lose water weight fast. Chemicals and preservatives can be harmful to the body as different bodies reacts differently to these chemicals. Sometimes the person gains weight due to excess intake of substance high in certain chemicals. You can take home made foods, sauces and vinegar to avoid intake of external chemicals.

3. Take herbal tea and homemade juices of fruits to take fluid to lose water weight fast. Generally water retention can be reduced by increasing intake of water.

4. Do not stay hungry for long and take small meals after every two hours to lose water weight fast.

Herbal Weight Loss Pills5. Take herbal weight loss supplement Figure capsule to lose actual weight and water weight fast. The herbal capsules contain plant based natural substances which are effective in improving the blood circulation and reducing water retention.

Mostly people suffer from swollen body parts linked to water retention when blood flow in veins or capillaries is restricted either due to pressure from outside, or due to pressure changes in body. To manage proper blood flow through veins and capillaries it is important for the body to get nutrition to enable easy flow and the herbal figura capsules provide the nutrition to improve blood flow to enable you to lose water weight fast.

Some people may suffer from water retention due to kidney related problems. It you suffer from kidney problem – the kidney fails to purify the water you take and it results in water retention. In most of the cases the problem of water retention due to improper functioning of kidney happens due to inflammation in kidney which may grow to cause lupus or nephritic syndrome. The herbal Figura capsule provides nutrition to reduce inflammation in kidney to lose water weight fast and to enable the kidney to work appropriately.

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Water helps to burn fat without any difficulties. Do not stay hungry for long and take small meals after every two hours to lose water weight fast. Drink daily 8 to 10 glasses of water per day and before eating some things also drink 2 glass of water. It boost metabolism, burn large amount of fat.

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