How Can I Make My Color Fair?




There are many who love to look tanned and they have been spending hours in sun to get the desired color but the attraction of fair skin is always there. The media has always promoted fairness and there is a general preference for fair women in men even in the societies which is not exposed to the European culture. Generally the skin color is decided by the presence of different melanin units. There are some skin colors which do not tan and some skin tones are effective in absorbing UV radiation which is needed for getting vitamin D.

Even excess exposure and absorption of UV radiation can be harmful for human body. But in case your skin has got dull and is looking dark due to other conditions – you can try herbal remedies to improve the health of the skin. Whatever is your skin type or color by birth you can try to look clean and glossy if you take care of your skin. You can get fair skin tone and fresh new look if you take proper nutrition in adequate amount and take proper sleep in the night.

The outer layer of skin which is not getting enough nutrition may appear patchy and flaky if you are not taking adequate nutrition. Sometimes you get dark spots on your skin when you are exposed to sun or due to ageing, and you do not get any remedy for getting rid of the spots. You can try Golden Glow capsules to get back the original color of your skin. It helps in improving the flow of blood to the skin layers which helps the blood to carry nutrition to the skin and provide a nourished look to the skin.

Improve Skin ComplexionGolden Glow capsules contain herbs which have the property to improve the skin color and get you a new glossy look. It helps in reducing marks of acne and pimples and providing the herbs which have antioxidant properties. It can be taken if you are suffering from skin marks caused due to coming in contact with harsh chemicals. It can be taken to reduce the effect of UV radiation on skin. The herbs of the capsules contain ingredients which have been used for culinary purposes in various cultures and these capsules have no side effects.

The capsules have long term effects and it can be taken by people to get rid of any form of skin ailment. Some of the herbs in the capsules are kesar, rose, tulsi, haritaki and neem. Kesar or saffron is a herb which has been used since ages for improving skin color and texture. It is also used to improve emotional well being of person. It can be taken to reduce depression and anxiety. Haritaki is an herb which is used to reduce ulcers and inflammation in any body part. Tulsi has antioxidant properties, and every part of the Neem tree has medicinal properties which help in cleaning the digestive system and elimination of toxins from the body.

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