How Can I Prevent Pimples or Acne from My Face?




Acne can be a big problem for people who get it too often. Many people feel acne has been a cause for their poor impression in their social circle. Although acne or pimples is a temporary condition and it has nothing to do with the functioning of a body part but it can have severe effect on the emotional well being of a person. People suffering from acne get depressed and feel isolated due to the mark on their face. The mark can hinder their professional and personal life.

Pimples or acne may erupt on your skin surface in your teens and it can last till 25 to 30 years. It is rare in people above 35; hence you should not worry much. The condition subsides itself and takes its own course to go away. You can take certain remedies to prevent acne or pimples at an early stage.

Causes for pimples or acne

Acne can be of two types. It can be either inflammatory or non inflammatory. An increase secretion of testosterone hormone has been a reason for the formation of pimples. If your skin has many blackheads and whiteheads, you may get pimples when the blackhead becomes open blackhead. Pimples can be hereditary in some conditions and people whose parent suffered from pimples as a teenage may get it in their teens.

It is a myth that food or emotions can cause pimples. Intake of certain food can upset the digestive system, which can cause some lesions but it will not cause acne. One should avoid rubbing the skin to prevent acne caused by pressure on skin. People who wear helmets and collars can get pimples in the neck parts due to friction. Sometimes certain drugs or a medical condition can cause some lesion on the skin on the face but it will not be like pimples, which occur too frequently and it may take years to get down.

Herbal remedy for acne

Natural Acne TreatmentTo prevent pimples, you can take herbal remedies such as Golden Glow capsules which are better than chemical remedies because there are no side effects of herbal remedies. The golden glow capsules are cheap option as compared to drugs and chemicals. It can be taken for two to three months to get results, and the capsules helps in reducing even the marks of pimples on the skin. The herbal capsules provide nutrition to the body to strengthen the body to fight infections and inflammations. It provides body with nutrition to improve blood flow to the upper skin layer and to reduce irritation on the skin.

The Golden Glow capsules not only help in reducing pimples, it also reduces the symptoms of skin infections, black patches, boils, dark circles and rashes. The main functions of the herbal acne treatment are to get rid of the root cause for acne or pimples. It works to provide nutrition to the skin, prevent infections by providing herbs which contains anti oxidants properties, reduce the symptoms of ageing and enhance overall immunity of the body.

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