How Do I Improve My Eyesight Without Using Corrective Lenses Or Surgery?




To improve eye power doctors advise people to take corrective lenses or go for surgery. LASIK is the common form of surgery which is done for correcting eye power. It has been observed the patient having a large pupil have a higher risk of aberrations, and the methodologies of corrective lenses and surgery is suitable to these patients. Many of us do not want to wear corrective lenses because it makes us look geek, and surgery can be done to reduce the problem of weak eyesight but LASIK has its own restriction. Doctors advising LASIK – do not operate patients who have “lazy eye” problem or have undergone certain eye surgery previously. Surgery is not suitable for – patient below 18 years and people suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. It is not done for patient who suffers from slow healing diseases or has scarring on cornea.

Hence, many people search for methods to improve eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery. One of the easy ways to improve eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery is to take a good quantity of vitamins and minerals through natural food resources.

Eyesight SupplementVitamin A is the component which is required to fight eye disorders and Vitamin B and C is required to keep the body fit and improve its immunity. Vitamin A is found in green leafy vegetables, carrots and papaya, and Vitamin C is found in abundant quantities in oranges, lemons and berries. One of richest source of vitamin C is Indian Gooseberry which is included in many popular herbal supplements (such as triphala). You can include fruits such as oranges and berries in everyday diet to improve the overall function of eyes and to improve eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery.

I-Lite capsule is the herbal capsule which contains herbs such as Terminalia Chebula, which is taken to improve eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery because it contains components which help in eliminating toxins from the human body. It reduces mental disorders because it improves blood flow to the various parts of body as it contains components which are effective in cleaning the inner walls of arteries and veins, which helps in improving blood circulation to eyes tissues and helps to improve eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery.

It contains many other herbs such as terminalia belerica, glycyrrhiza glabra, phyllanthus emblica , piper nigum , asparagus racemosus , ferrum and cardamom. Cardamom is a famous herb which taken to cure stomach problems and it helps to improve nerves function. The herbs piper nigum is helpful in improving the digestion system of the body, and it provides improved blood circulation and helps in curing body ailments.

The eyesight supplement I-Lite capsule contains many minerals and vitamins which can fulfill the nutritional need of human body properly and help the person to get an improve eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery. The I-Lite capsule contains herbs which also improve the power of nervous system and alleviate eye problems which are caused by poor functioning of the nervous system.

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