How Do You Get Rid of a Hemorrhoid?




People who suffer from obesity and people who live sedentary life – are at a higher risk of suffering from hemorrhoids. Taking alcohol and cigarette smoking also raise the risks. Mainly, there are three different types of anal cushion which helps in bowel movement and there can be many conditions which can cause hemorrhoids such as constipation, too much exercising and taking a low fiber diet, infections, excess pressure on abdomen, aging and absence of valves in anal canal etc. Some of the simple remedies which can help you to get rid of a hemorrhoid are –

Take sitz bath everyday for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can take ice in a tub and sit in the tub for 15 minutes. This will help in reducing pain and it will also keep the region infection free. You can apply anti bacterial and anti inflammatory cream on the anal area to get rid of infection and to reduce pain.

To get rid of a hemorrhoid you need to keep a check on your bowel movement. Having a regular bowel movement is necessary to stay healthy and you should also ensure you do not suffer from constipation.

Hemorrhoid TreatmentTo get rid of a hemorrhoid stay away from perfumes, chemicals or inorganic substances as it can cause irritation to the organs. Never scratch the region and wear soft undergarments.

To get rid of a hemorrhoid you should keep a check on your diet and avoid food which are spicy, junk or contain chemicals. Anything which can serve as an irritant can damage the inner inning of colon and cause you pain.

You should drink a good amount of water each day to get rid of a hemorrhoid. Dehydration can cause constipation which can further cause hemorrhoid.

You can take effective herbal remedy to get rid of a hemorrhoid as it contains plant based components which are very effective in restoring the anal cushion – which is degraded due to hemorrhoids and there is no side effect of a natural remedy. The herbal remedy such as Pilesgon capsules is effective in improving the digestion process and prevents formation of hard stool. It contains herbs which reduce infection in the colon and the herbs also contain properties to prevent burning sensation and bleeding.

The natural ingredients found in the herbal capsule provide your body with nutrition which is required for keeping your body healthy and it also helps in reducing the formation of blood clots which requires surgery for removal. Since the people suffering from hemorrhoids may suffer from anemia due to excess loss of blood you need to take adequate amount of nutrients and minerals to recover from the loss.

Although, there are many forms of treatments suggested in conventional medicinal system, most of the treatments have certain side effects such as dizziness, anxiety etc., and the cure provided is restricted to provide relief from one or two symptoms. The treatment does not provide complete solution from all the symptoms and to get a complete solution you can go for Pilesgon capsule.

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