How to Cure Discharge of Semen during Urination?




The fluid which is produced by the prostate gland when a person is aroused is almost one part of the fluid which is ejaculated. The structure located behind the prostate glands also manufactures a part of the fluid and it travels along the tubes called epididymis and vas deferens to join the seminal vesicles. This structure forms the ejaculatory ducts and the fluid from these structures is emptied into the prostate part of the urethra where it mixes with the fluid of the duct and forms semen.

Sometimes a person gets the fluid on urination because the secretion into the prostate is not mixed well with the fluid found in the urethra. It can happen due to the pressure formation on the urethra because of prolonged sitting. At some times the person empties the secretion of prostate during urination and it is basically the congested fluid secreted in compression of the last part of urethra. The condition can cause burning sensation and infections in the organs. Sometimes the person may get some blood droplets in it.

Some of the causes for the condition are excessive ejaculation or frequent ejaculation or controlling ejaculation on arousal. It can happen when the person withdraws ejaculation or goes for aggressive biking or horse riding. It can cause pain in back and discomfort in the groin, abdomen and rectum. In case you are into aggressive biking, stop the bike and take a walk instead. The seat where you sit for long should have sponge or support system to prevent the pressure. Control you eating habits. Reduce intake of spicy food and take moderate items.

Discharge of Semen during UrinationShilajit is a component extracted from the mountains of Himalayas. It contains more than fifty different forms of minerals and chemical compounds, and its composition differs from one manufacturer to other because it is found in raw form on Himalayas where it comes out as a fluid from the rocks of the mountains. The herbs which are decomposed on the mountains contain certain unique features which can heal a number of medical conditions. It can be taken to restore the electrolyte balance of the body and prevent the reproductive organs from infections.

Kesar is a herb which contains good amount of potassium and phosphorous. It also contains citric acids, glycoside and glucose. It posses anti-inflammatory properties and it is also a pain reliever. It improves the health of urinary system and therefore, you can take it to improve the strength of urogenital organs. Kesar has no side effects on body when it is taken in small quantities.

Aswagandha is another herb which helps to improve the strength of reproductive organs and works as a rejuvenator. It has a bitter and sweet taste. It calms the mind and helps a person to take good sleep. It prevents digestive disorders and reduces infections in the urogenital parts. Its root powder can be mixed with cow’s milk and sugar to increase the vitality of weak organs. It can be taken to prevent back pain and herbal specialists claim that it is effective in the treatment of leucorrhea which is caused by uterine edema.

Aswagandha, kesar, kavach beej, safed musli and other valuable ayurvedic herbs have been mixed in a right proportion to form NF Cure capsules which is highly beneficial in curing discharge of semen during urination. NF Cure capsules help strengthen the male reproductive organs and improve ejaculation control naturally without causing any side effects. NF Cure capsules when taken along with Shilajit consistently for 2 to 3 months will help to cure discharge of semen during urination and increases strength and stamina.

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