How to Have Sex for a Longer Period of Time?




Men may suffer from weak erection or erectile dysfunction after getting into over masturbation. The person who over masturbates may secrete excess testosterone in the body as the body is excited and as the person continues to follow the habit, the neurotransmitters get permanently damaged. The person may get weak erections and the condition reduces the time period for which a person can hold the erection. The person may not feel stimulated in normal conditions and he is more or less addicted to the habit.

The habit can cause a permanent damage to the nerve cells and it can get uncontrollable with age. Sometimes it is caused by other medical reasons. The condition may reduce overall stamina and interest in a physical relationship. The person has a weak erection and it starts as the parasympathetic nerves send nitric oxide to the arteries of the organ. The problem not only reduces excitement but it may even delay orgasm and the person may not feel satisfied on undergoing the process of lovemaking. It can create a state of frustration and confusion, and some may suffer from pain in the reproductive parts.

To solve the problem you can take libido enhancement drugs but there are many side effects of libido enhancing drugs. These drugs can bring in a change in the way various hormones are released in the body and anyone who uses such drugs may suffer from high blood pressure. To reduce the condition, you can use herbal remedies and natural supplements which are plant products and they have no side effects.

ShilajitShilajit is a common natural product which is used for enhancing the functioning of the reproductive organs and it provides strength to the body and mind. It also provides power to the young body as it contains the extracts of the herbs found on the Himalaya Mountains. It possesses anti ageing properties and it is also effective in curing other diseases such as diabetes and wounds. It helps in improving the immune system of the body and strength of the reproductive organs. It provides a number of minerals which are required for reducing pain in the joints and muscles. It is also effective in the treatment of arthritis and joint pain.

Safed Musli is a herb which is used for increasing libido in a person. Ashwagandha provides the power to the mind as it increases the concentration power and relieves stress. It improves blood circulation and eases anxiety. The herb such as Jaiphal is also helpful in intensifying the act and it also increases sperm count. Kesar is another herbal product which is considered helpful in proving strength to the nervous system and it relives tiredness. Kaunch beej is a herb which has aphrodisiac properties and it is also used as a stimulant. It provides energy to the body and increases stamina.

Shilajit, Safed Musli, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Kaunch beej and other valuable herbs have been blended in a perfect combination to form Shilajit ES ‘Extra Strong’ to enable you to have sex for a longer period of time. Shilajit ES combats weak erection, erectile dysfunction and low libido in men of all age. You can include this powerful herbal product in your every day diet to increase strength and stamina. The food items such as caltrop, oats, ginkgo, ginseng and maca are also considered effective in providing strength to the male reproductive organs.

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