How to Improve Night Vision?




Poor night vision is called night blindness and people suffering from night blindness find it difficult to see in the night which makes it difficult for them to travel during night or drive in the night. Generally, the condition of night blindness is a symptom of progressive eye disorders and one such condition is called retinitis pigmentosa which is found in every one person in 3,700 people in America.

Some of the symptoms of poor night vision are – finding it difficult to see clearly in poor light and feeling the eyes takes more time to get clear vision in the dark. Poor night vision can be caused by medical conditions such as Vitamin A deficiency or malabsorption, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, severe short-sightedness, cataracts, rod-cone dystrophy or certain night vision disorder.

To improve night vision you can do simple exercises and take natural remedies. You should allow the eyes to adjust to changing light. You should move from a well lit room into the dark – come out of the dark and close one of your eyes as you go back in dark. It is believed sea pirates used to wear the one eye cover just to improve night vision. One can try squinting to as you move from dark to well lit room and back.

Eyesight SupplementYou need to bring changes in your lifestyle to improve night vision and avoid looking towards the source of light directly as you move from dark room to the room having light. Looking at sun directly or looking at light sources reduces the ability of eyes to adjust the focus as per the change in light sources and you should avoid it to improve night vision.

Avoid getting in contact with smoke to improve night vision and if you smoke yourself – regulate your habits. Getting in contact with second hand smoke is equally harmful for the eyes and it will reduce your night vision. Hence quit smoking and stay away from smoke to improve night vision. Take food rich in Vitamin A, Lutein and antioxidants to improve night vision, and you can get these components in plant based products. Fruits and vegetables mostly contain antioxidants which prevent oxidations in human body to improve night vision.

Always stay away from toxic chemicals or environment pollutants which can be harmful for eyes. Most of the chemicals and environment pollutants contain carcinogens which can deteriorate the function of body organs which helps in cleaning the body. Secondly, these chemicals and pollutant can irritate the eyes causing allergies and permanent damage to eye lenses. Eat green leafy vegetables and carrots to get nutrition needed to improve night vision.

You can take herbal I-Lite capsule to improve night vision. The capsules is powered by nine herbs which are rare herbs found on the mountains of Himalaya and these herbs possess the properties to improve night vision. The herbs improve the immunity to the human body and provide relief from cold and cough like infections to improve night vision. The herbs have the properties to reduce inflammation of eyes and it can be taken to reduce inflexibility of eye muscles.

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