How to Increase Libido in Women Naturally




Many women suffer from low sexual desire and the causes for low desire can be medical or emotional. Some of the emotional causes are anxiety, poor self image, stress, low self esteem, unstable relationship with the partner or having a history of sexual abuse etc. Women may have a low desire if she is suffering from certain long term medical condition such as diabetes or cancer, or due to some physical or psychological cause. Women who take birth control pills may also have a low desire.

To enjoy a relationship, women need to feel emotionally and physically happy. A women needs to feel that the relationship with partner is secure and healthy to get physically intimate. Women need emotional intimacy to get physically intimate, and when a woman is unable to connect with the partner she may not get into a physical relationship. Some unresolved issues in partnership may make her feel reluctant to get into the relationship. There can be number of other conditions which can lower a desire such as experiencing pain during lovemaking ,inability to get orgasm, surgery, pregnancy or post pregnancy breastfeeding phase, fatigue, hormonal changes, psychological causes, poor self esteem or relationship issues.

Female Libido EnhancerAfter the birth of a new born, women may take minimum two to three months time to recover physically. A low desire may be caused if a woman has to face certain living conditions in which there are many people living with the couple, who keep interfering in the relationship. To solve the problem the couple should recognize the problem for which they should have conversation about the situation and they can make a list of troublesome things which can be eliminated from their lives. One can communicate with the partner to resolve disagreements and sometimes even counseling with a medical practitioner helps in resolving psychological issues.

One should try to make a change in the lifestyle to bring in a major difference in the relationship. Women should avoid stress and try to be happy. Regular exercises help in improving blood circulation and it also improves the body structure. To reduce nutritional deficiency one can take herbal supplements such as Fantasy capsules which are used to provide the required nutrients that help in secretion of female hormones. Fantasy capsule is a female libido enhancer which reduces functional disorders in women, rejuvenates female reproductive organs and helps in improving the sex drive in women.

Women who are suffering from certain medical problems such as arthritis, high blood pressure, neurological conditions, infertility or cancer, may have a reduced desire. Use of certain drugs reduces the desire, and alcohol can also be a culprit. The allopathic drug used for depression or chemotherapy also reduces the desire.

Some women feel pain during intercourse and they may be reluctant to start it at all. To prevent pains caused by vaginal dryness one can use herbal creams such as Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel. These herbal creams help in providing nutrition to the muscles close to the reproductive organs and strengthen the muscles to reduce dryness.

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