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I used to masturbate from 10 years and now facing big problems. There is large weakness in my penis. It becomes very small and if I move little bit it goes inside and remain only half inch outside. I feel very tired within couple of steps move. I cannot move on ladder because my male organ becomes hard and goes almost completely inside and feel lot of pain in it each second. Is it huge problem? I have used NF Cure for 4 months. My question is that if I leave masturbating completely my weakness can remove completely with healthy diet or not. Should I wait for some time? Can it remove with the passing of time? Give me correct answer and please don’t recommend any other capsules because I have tried everything.

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Hello Maharchand

You are suffering from extreme sexual exhaustion due to the habit of excessive hand practice for long time. We suggest you to completely stop hand practice because it will make your problem worse. Over involvement in hand practice depletes vital nutrients from the body and makes you feel weak, exhausted and low energy. This loss of essential nutrients from the body cannot be recovered only be taking healthy diet. You need an extra support by taking powerful herbal supplements specially designed for men to overcome from the bad effects of masturbation.

Full recovery from the bad effects of excessive hand practice certainly takes time. You need to keep patience and follow the course of 4T Plus capsule and Booster capsule for minimum 6 months in a regular and disciplined manner to allow these herbal supplements to rejuvenate your entire body system. As you were into the habit of masturbation from last 10 years, you can’t expect quick heal. Without proper treatment of your health condition, you can’t be able to restore your health. Please start your treatment to the earliest before it’s too late. If the problem will not be treated and left ignored, it may lead to many other health problems.

You need a pack of 4T Plus capsule + Booster capsule + Mast Mood oil. Take one capsule each of 4T Plus and Booster twice daily with milk. 4T Plus and Booster capsules contain powerful herbs and natural aphrodisiacs that will energize your body from inside and allow natural healing of the reproductive organs. Also regular application of Mast Mood oil on the male organ will heal and rejuvenate your penile nerves. Apply oil very gently and let the nutrients be absorbed by the skin. Use all the above herbal products regularly without any interruption.

You body can’t be fully recovered from the ill-effects of excessive hand practice by own. Herbal supplements mentioned above will provide your body the much needed nutrition and support to overcome this situation. In addition to taking these supplements, you need to improve the quality of your diet. Live a healthy lifestyle. Keep yourself engaged in creative activities, live happily and stress free to support your body for fast recovery.

As you have mentioned that you have tried everything and none of them worked. But you haven’t followed the complete course till you get fully recovered from your health problems. Incomplete course of herbal supplements can’t help you come out of this situation. Duration of treatment varies from person to person and largely depends upon the severity of the problem, diet and lifestyle. Full recovery from the ill-effects of excessive hand practice minimum requires 6 to one year course depending upon the person’s heath condition.

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For detail about quantities and prices of these products for 6 months supply, please contact our customer support team at

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