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I am a 31 year old male. I have been having ongoing problems with

– Seminal leakage (after toilet and after having erection)
– Hair Loss (from front section of scalp)
– Ringing in ears
– Lower back pain
– Ache in testicles
– Trouble breathing and ache in my lungs
– General weakness and low energy. No longer able to participate in my favorite sports. Overall body aches and pains.

For the last 12 months I have not had any sexual activity at all. For the last 1.5 years I have not engaged in any masturbation at all. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I eat a good balanced diet (avoid refined foods as much as possible) and have cut out coffee for the last 3 months. I exercise as much as I can. Outwardly I look very healthy and I am sure people would not believe that I am not feeling well.

After seminal leakage I feel extremely weak, I feel heaviness in my limbs, I feel dullness in my face and back of head and my eyes are bloodshot. I have a general feeling of vagueness and confusion. I find social interaction very challenging and just want to lay down to rest.

I have not been able to engage in love making at all. If I have an ejaculation it can take weeks to recover. The first 3 or 4 days must be spent in bed. After ejaculation I also find that my legs ache terribly (deep inside my legs behind my shins). I also have all the other mentioned symptoms as listed above but they are much more severe.

Additionally I have an acute fungal sinusitis infection for the last 2 years that despite many changes to diet, use of natural products etc I have not been able to resolve. I have constant ache in my face and jaw and also constant flow of green phlegm. This causes me to feel very tired and makes it hard for me to continue working in my business. I have lost my sense of smell 80%. Occasionally things seem better until it flares up and I get the flu or a lung infection.

I have seen several western doctors about these problems but they simply do a blood test & tell me everything is fine and it’s all in my head. I know that this is not the case. Not being able to find a physician that is skilled in these areas has been very frustrating. This is why I have searched the internet and found your website.

I have ordered from your website tonight:

120 NF Cure Capsules + 120 Shilajit (500 mg) Capsules

Item Number NFCure2-SH4

But want to know what other products you would recommend OR if you think there are better products I can use. I would also love to hear what other changes to diet etc you feel would be most beneficial in healing and recovering my strength.

I really want to recover my strength so that I can perhaps have a new relationship one day and have children. I meet very nice women who are interested in me, but I choose not to start a relationship as my health is not very good just now. I hope, with your help I can recover my health.

This has been a very positive process – I am learning a great deal and have a deeper respect for my sexual energy and body. I am just seeking to break this cycle and start feeling better.

Thank you kindly for your advice and help in this matter,


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Answer #1

Hello Luke

For semen leakage problem you have chosen the right products. NF Cure capsule and Shilajit are unique herbal formulations specifically designed to cure semen leakage problem and its associated symptoms. It is good to hear that you are already following a healthy lifestyle. It will surely help you in recovering from the bad effects of seminal leakage.

For testicular pain and sexual weakness, we would suggest you to take Booster capsules along with the gentle application of Mast Mood oil on the male organ. These herbal products will help in the healing of the injured / damaged penile nerves, and rejuvenate and strengthen your entire reproductive organs and will allow you to actively participate in lovemaking activities.

The balanced combination of herbs and nutrients in Booster capsules are also helpful in curing general weakness and low energy. For body aches, lower back pain and muscular weakness, use Rumoxil capsules and oil. These are herbal anti inflammatory and pain relieving natural remedies for all types of joint and muscle pain and discomfort.

For hair problem, you can use Hylix lotion. This herbal oil is made of highly nutritive herbs and botanicals that are known worldwide for improving hair health. Regular massage of the scalp with Hylix lotion will provide nutrition to your scalp and hairs and stop falling of hairs. This oil when used for long term also helps in new hair growth and brings strength and shine to your hairs.

Direction: Take one capsule each of NF Cure, Shilajit, Booster and Rumoxil twice daily with milk or plain water. Also use Mast Mood oil, Rumoxil oil and Hylix lotion two times a day for optimum result.

We suggest you to take the above mentioned course of products for minimum 3 to 4 months to get maximum benefits from these products.

You can read more about Booster capsule at

You can read more about Mast Mood oil at

You can read more about Rumoxil capsule and oil at

You can read more about Hylix lotion at

We offer big savings on large packs so to get maximum discounts, you can choose our ‘best save packs’ or ‘combo packs’. Once payment received, we will ship your products within 24 hours. If you will make order of remaining products today only, we will dispatch all of them in a single packet for your convenience.

We welcome further queries.

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Answer #2

Thank you for your response – I will peruse your advice.

Can you also please advise me if you can assist with my chronic sinus infection? Do you have any advice or products that will assist?

Thanks kindly,


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Answer #3

Hello Luke

The powerful herbal ingredients of the products we had mentioned you earlier will be useful in reducing phlegm and clearing mucus naturally. Herbs basically have multiple health benefits and they promote natural balance in the body, improve functioning of the body organs and correct any disturbances or ailments present in the body.

Other than that you can also try some simple yet effective home remedies. Below are few articles about home remedies for sinus infection.

Hope these articles will help you. Feel free to ask further queries.

Answers Answered By: ayurvedresearch [2686 Orange Star Level]

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