What Can I Do to Improve My Night Vision?




Some people suffer from poor night vision which can further lead to night blindness and cause permanent blindness in the later stages. Vitamin A deficiency is the main cause of night blindness, and vitamin A is mostly found in dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupes. But even if you take adequate amount of Vitamin A to improve night vision – you may further need certain other components which are needed for proper digestion and absorption of vitamins by your body.

People who try to get all the minerals and vitamins through their foods sometimes suffer from malnutrition because the body fails to absorb the nutrition. Along with Vitamin A, you required beta carotene, vitamin C, E, zinc and antioxidants through food which can help you to improve night vision. You will also have to add foods which are high in lutein and zeaxanthin to improve night vision and if you want to avoid the progression of poor eyesight. Eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables, and staying way from alcohol and smoking can help you to improve night vision.

Improve Night VisionYou can take orange juice or salads of vegetables and fruits regularly to get antioxidants and vitamin C to improve night vision. Vitamin E are mostly found in nuts and carrots are good source of Vitamin A. One of the most effective fruit against poor night vision is blueberries which have been tested in laboratory to be effective in curing eye disorders and it provides a complete natural way to improve night vision.

Overall improvement in lifestyle and food habits has a negative impact on the progression of vision loss. But you should avoid taking of supplements of vitamins because certain vitamin supplements can have adverse effect. Fruits in yellow color are mostly high in beta carotene and carotene lutein, and orange color fruits are mostly for beta carotene. According to Chinese medicinal practices blue and purple color fruits are good for eyes.

The best way to improve night vision without having any side effect is to take herbal treatment which is very effective in providing the human body with balanced quantities of minerals and vitamins required to improve night vision. The herbal capsules of I-Lite is one of the most famous and widely adopted eye capsule which provides relief from loss of vision in night and it can be taken to reverse back the vision loss process. It has no side effects and the remedy can be taken at a low cost as compared to any other treatment.

The herbal supplement I-Lite capsule contains herbs – Terminalia chebula and Terminalia belerica which are effective herbs against various eye disorders and are taken individually to improve night vision. These are used to cure many form of cold and cough problem. It reduces allergies and infections in eyes to improve night vision. It prevents inflammation in eyes to improve night vision, and possesses anthelmentic and restorative properties which reduce the problems of constipation, piles and colds in human body. Regulated quantities of eleven natural products have been included in the components of the herbal I-Lite capsules and it can be taken for two to three month regularly to improve night vision.

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