What Causes Hair Loss And How It Can Be Treated Naturally?




Hair thinning can be found both in men and women, and it is common in 95 percent of the people across the world. You may see some 50 to 100 hair strands falling each day and hair fall is not a problem, until you suffer from excess hair fall which is more than 100 hair strands each day. Sometimes, hair fall results in baldness pattern in male – which can be caused mainly due to genetic reasons. But, sometimes, teenager boys suffer from hair fall and baldness during the college going age which is caused by hormonal changes and it can result in a poor self image. Pattern baldness is different from patchy hair fall condition and many people suffer from extreme hair fall due to patchy hair fall condition.

There are a number of causes for hair fall as given below

1. Chemotherapy causes hair loss in some people. Many people suffer from hair fall after a major surgery, childbirth or food poisoning.

2. One of the major negative effects of western lifestyle is stress and stress causes hair loss.

3. People suffering from iron deficiency also suffer from hair loss.

4. Certain chemicals radiation or exposure to certain rays causes hair loss.

5. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism also causes hair loss in people.

6. Temporary hair loss can be seen in areas of scalp where sebaceous cysts are present because sebaceous glands attract dirt and later it causes infections leading to hair fall.

7. Fungal infections can result in the formation of dandruff, which causes hair loss.

8. Premature baldness in men can be caused by androgen receptor and in women during the various phases of life when women’s body is exposed to different types of hormones. Certain medical conditions such as menopause, development of ovarian systems, or use of birth control pills causes hair loss.

Hair fall can be treated naturally if you follow the steps

1. Take a blend of bananas, yoghurt, honey and low fat milk in diet as it contains high amount of iron and biotin which helps in growth of hair.

How Hair Loss Can Be Treated Naturally2. Your diet should be rich in vitamins B6 and zinc as deficiency of vitamins and minerals causes hair loss.

3. Avoid stress to prevent hair loss and take adequate sleep to feel fresh.

4. Dehydration causes hair loss and to treat hair fall naturally, you need to take adequate amount of water daily but you should also be careful not to take coffee or carbonated drinks as these products cause dehydration.

5. Keep your hair clean and use shampoo on hair twice in the week to prevent accumulation of dirt to the sebum. You can use Hylix lotion on hair to improve the strength of hair follicles and to have a steady hair growth. You can use this lotion to prevent infections to scalp and it also helps in curing inflammations and itching. It prevents dandruff formation and you can get back your healthy hair.

6. You should also be careful to improve your eating habits and take good amount of minerals and vitamins in diet to have healthy hair.

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