What Hair Products Could You Use to Control Dandruff?




Dandruff is a skin condition where the scalp eliminates skin layers in the form of flakes and it can be very embarrassing for a person to have dandruff on costume flowing out of the scalp. Dandruff not only appears bad but it also causes hair fall. The symptoms of dandruff are skin lesions, plaques, itching, redness and hair loss. Some people suffer from the problem of dandruff in some months of the year. People may suffer from dandruff in winters because it is the time when the skin gets drier. Dandruff is also formed when the scalp is exposed to pollution and dirt. If the sebaceous glands of scalp is exposed to environmental pollution, the hair roots catches dirt forming dandruff – which may lead to hair fall.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition, in which, the person constantly suffers from dandruff, and it also causes inflammation and itching to the scalp. The over production of skin oil – can cause dandruff in some individuals and sometimes, the problem runs in families. There are many different products available at stores which you could use to control dandruff. You might have seen the advertisements of shampoos and creams that claim to control dandruff but certain chemical solutions, factory manufactured lotions and creams can have other forms of effects on the sensitive and inflamed skin of scalp, and you may not get a permanent solution through these products. Some types of dandruffs are formed due to fungal infections and these chemical products used to control dandruff have strong adverse effect on skin.

There are many natural ways and products you could use to control dandruff and the main benefit of these natural products is – it provides easy solutions without having any side effect. Second major benefit of natural products is – it gives long term relief from dandruff by curing the cause of dandruff, instead of, just cleaning the surface of scalp. Third benefit is that it is a low cost provision as compared to other methods, and it is easily available.

The natural products which you can use to control dandruff are

Control Dandruff Naturally1. Apple vinegar can be used to control dandruff and it should be rubbed on the scalp to prevent dandruff.

2. Baking soda or salt powder should be applied to the scalp and you if will feel a strong itching sensations, it means its working.

3. Aloe Vera gel is helpful in eliminating infection and inflammation. You can use Aloe Vera gel to control dandruff.

4. Curd can be used to control dandruff and you need to rub it on the scalp before taking a head bath.

5. Hylix lotion is the hair product which can be used to control dandruff. It is a herbal lotion which contains herbs which have the properties to cure different form of fungal or bacterial infections, and these herbs also help in improving the strength of hair follicle and increasing blood circulation to the hair follicle to enable the hair to get nutrition the person takes through the diet.

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