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Some of the common symptoms of poor memory are forgetting names, words, and numbers and in certain cases of poor memory (also called amnesia) the person has a complete loss of memory for temporary phase. Sometimes the persons suffers from loss of memory after getting an injury to the brain part and in certain medical conditions the person may even fail to remember his own name and address. In such case people often start searching for best supplement for memory and brain. But before discussing about the best memory supplement, let’s know the main causes of poor memory.

Best Supplement for MemoryThe main cause for poor memory is anxiety and it is also found in people who suffer from medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. There can be many types of amnesia such as traumatic amnesia, hysterical amnesia, retrograde amnesia or Wernike-Korsakoff’s Psychosis. The people who suffer from weak brain power also suffer from headaches, weak concentration and intolerance of noise. Poor self image can be one of the causes for having a poor memory, and sometimes, improper intake of certain mineral elements can cause poor memory. Malnutrition can cause deficiency leading to poor functioning of brain and hence it is important for you to take adequate amount of minerals to get the brain work properly. Iron is required for the production of red blood cells which helps in carrying oxygen to brain and it prevents memory loss.

One can take herbal memory supplement Brain O Brain capsules to improve functioning of brain, and to reduce symptoms of insanity and nervous breakdown. The capsule contains a number of herbs which are effective in providing nutrition to the body to enable proper formation of red blood cells and it promotes flow of blood to the body parts which prevents damage to brain cells caused by reduced flow of oxygen.

The herb helps in reducing symptoms of irritable temper, mental fatigue and exhaustion. It helps in controlling fear, anger and other emotions which ultimately increase the secretion of certain chemicals that can damage brain cells and reduce its power. It is also effective in providing energy to the body and preventing symptoms of insomnia.

The herb brahmi found in the capsules contains polyphenol and sulhydryl which are effective in reducing pain and clearing blockages to ease breathing process in human body to increase flow of oxygen to the brain to enhance brain power. The herb improves brain power and reduces the problem of cloudy thought process. Brain O Brain capsule is the best herbal supplement for memory and brain and increases concentration to improve confidence and intelligence.

The herb shankhpushpi has pink color flowers and it is mostly found in moist geographical regions. It has been found to be effective in fighting bacterial infections, and it also cures the problem of stress and depression. The herbal capsules help in improving defense power and it increases the strength of gastro intestinal lining. The herb brahmi has been proved in lab to be effective in improving fresh memory of people and scientists are trying to find out the methodologies which are used by the herb to improve the functioning of brain. It is one of the best memory supplements which have been in use in medicines of Ayurveda for years.

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